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View of downtown Los Angeles from City Club LA

Los Angeles or Chicago? Both!

May 03, 2013

Hi everyone. Vladas Krivickas here. I thought I’ll identify myself this time, so no one else is blamed for whatever is being said in this blog post. Just kidding… this post is going to involve some references to me personally, that’s all. 

First of all, many thanks for the most wonderful feedback in regards to our new website! We’re glad you liked it. For most of you, the site seemed to be clear, easy to navigate and informative. I guess anything other than the green ‘under construction’ screen would do it, huh? Also, most of you who emailed us or called got our quirky sense of humor and didn’t mind the silly puzzles on the homepage slider. Actually, none of you called them silly, at least not to my face. I’m sure that’s coming sooner or later.

As a result of the new website and the revived Facebook page, we heard from our past clients and already acquired new ones without doing much of the conventional marketing. What else can we ask for?

But let’s go to the topic of the post. There’s been some confusion as to where exactly Intelligent Clout is located at the moment, why are we moving to Los Angeles and whether we’re going to retain any presence in Chicago. So, here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m actually started typing this post on the plane that’s heading to Los Angeles. The purpose of this trip is to attend two trade shows for my partners at RealtyProx and meet some new clients. In between of the trade shows, my wife and I are going house hunting with the hope to find a new place to live for the next few years, since Amber starts a DDS program at USC beginning this fall.

We’ve been planning our move to California for a while; finally, this is happening. She’s about to start school, I’m ready to move our operations to Los Angeles. It’s a perfect combination of personal and business reasons.

It’s not a secret that just like many other web development and design companies, we are telecommuting and teleconferencing a lot. Although the company was started in Chicago and we’re going to take a lot of great memories with us, I was the only one still living there from the original Intelligent Clout team. Monika Bonckute is now in San Francisco. Simon Dau is in Oxford, United Kingdom. The rest is scattered in other European countries.

At this point, our physical location matters very little to our business model and to our clients. We’ve been working with clients in Los Angeles for the past three years anyway. On a personal note, it’s time to see how the West Coast is going to treat me. After all, what can be worse than Chicago’s winters anyway?

At the same time, I do say ‘both’—Los Angeles and Chicago—because I’ll be coming back to the Chi-city fairly often; too many business connections, too many great clients and friends. We will retain a physical mailing address too. Just don’t go looking for us there without making an appointment first and making sure someone is indeed in Chicago at the moment.

Once again, thank you for your support. Get a hold of us in Los Angeles. Let us know about your new idea, discuss rebranding of your company and its website, and let us check your SEO pulse.