best free video converter

We're in Love With This Video Converter

May 14, 2020

In this digital age, you could hardly find a person who has never used a video converter. And, with so many people trying their hand at using technologies, there are a lot of video converters created out there.

But when it comes to using them for the needs of your business, it‘s not always “what you see is what you get.”

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california probate leads

Probate Money: SaaS for California Probate Leads

May 06, 2020

This time, our team had a pleasure to cater to a client in a very specific niche: probate attorney who decided it’s time to swap good ol’ Excel spreadsheets with a web-based searchable platform, also known as Saas (software as a service). 

Our latest product is the system that has been built from scratch for this specific client – which only proves the fact that we are flexible and always ready to go deeper into our customer‘s requirements, making the newly born software work precisely for their unique particular needs.

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custom websites for trucking companies and ELD providers

New Website Launch: TFM ELD – Transport Control and Monitoring System

Apr 22, 2020

It‘s time to tell you about our latest achievement – a new website our team has created. This is a new development, and we have worked meticulously over it for quite a while to make sure that our client, TFM ELD, is completely happy with the result. In the end, not only is our customer satisfied – we are also delighted to present our brand new product.

TFM, based in Chicago and registered with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), works with international freight forwarding, logistics sector, agricultural sector, passenger, and other branches of transportation.

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Valentine Day Facebook Cover for Dental Office

Social Media Branding for the Little Guy: A True Story of a Dental Office

Feb 06, 2019

Let’s talk about branding "for the little guy." You know, the rest of us who can’t afford Super Bowl ads

For the sake of simplicity, let’s focus on one aspect: Facebook covers for your business page.

Why not Instagram? “Why not x, y, z? Are you saying that x, y, z isn’t important?” No, this is not what I’m saying. It’s a real-life example. It’s not meant to be an encyclopedic entry on branding, OK? OK.

So, our client, Kilgore Dental Care (KDC), has been doing this “revolutionary” thing where they change their Facebook covers regularly, to coordinate with holidays and other memorable occasions.

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facebook retargeting for real estate agents lawyers dentists

Easy & Effective 2-Step Facebook Retargeting for Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, and Dentists

May 30, 2018

These days, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated when you’re shopping for a Bluetooth speaker or, for that matter, a loaf of bread – so many options, so many choices! No wonder it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to Facebook marketing.

For instance, take lookalike audiences. It’s one of the most powerful targeting tools made available by Facebook, but also one of the most confusing.

In this post, we’re going to talk about one specific strategy that has worked well for our clients who are in a service business (attorneys, dentists, real estate agents).

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social media leads for real estate agents, dentists, roofers, layers

The Most Underrated Lead Generation Tool for Service Businesses (Hint: It Involves Cute Babies)

May 17, 2018

What’s the most underrated tool on social media? I’m sure you’re expecting it to be some kind of software, plugin or a secret technique. It’s actually something that costs no money, is easy to implement, and most social media marketers underutilize it all the time: It’s listening. 

No, by "listening", I don’t mean some complicated psychological technique or hacking into your competitor’s office. It’s simply engaging with other people’s content more rather than producing more of your own content. 

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online review websites like Yelp Google or Facebook can make or break your business

Online Reviews Are Worthless

Feb 01, 2018

Let me be honest with you: this is a shameless clickbait title. There is no way I am going to argue that online reviews are worthless.

However, if the headline did get your attention, I’m going to feel slightly less bad about it.

To my credit, the title for this blog post is not random; I chose it to prove a point.

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How Custom is Your 'Custom' Website Design?

Jan 17, 2018

It seems that “custom” is a new buzzword among web design and development companies. “Custom” implies that a website has been created exclusively for a particular client, based on his or her needs. However, often times the meaning of “custom” has been stretched to include every little change made by a web designer, regardless of whether he or she has created the original design and/or application. 

For instance, does merely changing a font means that the website is now custom? What about stock photos? Would you consider it “custom design” if we took the exact same layout that we have used for another client in the past, changed the font, uploaded your logo, and threw a few stock photos in the mix? Probably not. 

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Intelligent Clout Among Top 10 Los Angeles Software Developers

Jun 08, 2017

We’re on top... literally! published the results of their annual research highlighting the top Los Angeles mobile app developers and custom software developers, and we’re on the Top 1 0 list.

The research evaluates each company’s depth of focus in their area of expertise, as well as the company’s proven ability to deliver the results for their clients.

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LitvakSIG new website design by Intelligent Clout

Case Study: LitvakSIG Redesign

Sep 07, 2015 has been online since 1998 and has registered over 1.3 million site visits. Considering that the world’s first website was published only in 1991, has been around for light-years. It was an honor for us to be selected as a company who got to re-design and re-build the website from the ground up.

LitvakSIG was (and, of course, is) a terrific source for anyone interested in their Litvak heritage and genealogy. Yet as a website, it was not in great shape at the time when we received logins and the Board’s blessing to perform a thorough inventory.

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Hackers targeting Wordpress websites

What to do if Your Wordpress Website Got Hacked (Step-by-Step)

Feb 10, 2015

Being hacked is no fun. However, if you have a Wordpress website or blog, you should be prepared for it. As a very popular open-source content management system, Wordpress very often becomes a target of hackers, especially the ones who enjoy injecting malicious code into Wordpress core files.

One of our client’s accounts with multiple Wordpress blogs and website was recently hacked (full disclosure: we were not managing the account at the moment nor did we do any work for them lately). Their cheap shared hosting company pretty much told them to take a hike when they asked to for a full database restore.

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Custom website and application for Los Angeles Consular Corps LACC

Custom Non-Profit Website That Has It All

May 08, 2014

Working in the space of custom web design and development is rewarding in many ways. One of such undeniable rewards is the fact that every project is truly new and exciting. Having said that, it’s a great pleasure to announce a launch of something we haven’t done in a while; a website for a non-profit organization.

Our client this time wasn’t just any non-profit. It’s Los Angeles Consular Corps (LACC), a non-profit organization representative of the over 100 consulates located in City of Los Angeles, California! By the way, here’s a fun fact for you: of 193 UN member nations, 97 are represented in Los Angeles.

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Winberry custom business management platform for multi level marketing companies

Winberry: Custom Business Management Platform for Network Marketing Operations

Oct 20, 2013

Intelligent Clout is excited to announce the launch of our newest project: Winberry.

Over the past few years, we had a chance to work with several bold and creative clients. They understood the importance of both the innovative sales model and reliable custom-built software. They provided the seeds of ideas; we—unapologetically—used some serious genetic engineering, then planted the seeds, watered them, and watched them bear some very profitable fruits.

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IQ tax appeals custom property tax reduction software

New Project: Custom Web-Based Business Management Software

Aug 24, 2013

After months of planning and more than 3 months of coding our newest project has gone live. Just a regular-looking website on the outside, features powerful software behind the login screen. The application accesses a database of more than 1.2 million public property records of Cook County, IL (the second most populous county in the U.S.), finds comparable properties with lower assessed tax values and calculates tax savings in seconds.

The IQ Tax Appeals is essentially two applications in one. While the first module calculates tax savings, the second module helps manage a large sales team. The latter operates on the premise of network marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM).

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IT guy running away

Has Your “IT Guy” Disappeared? Don’t Let Your Website and Your Business Vanish with Him

Aug 19, 2013

Every month we get frantic phone calls from small business owners with the same problem: their web designer—the proverbial IT Guy—has disappeared, leaving them without access to their website and domain name. Sometimes this happens after the domain name fails to be renewed and the website—to the horror of the business owner—is gone. In other cases, the website is functioning and visible, yet the owner has no means of making changes because only the IT Guy has the access credentials.

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View of downtown Los Angeles from City Club LA

Los Angeles or Chicago? Both!

May 03, 2013

Hi everyone. Vladas Krivickas here. I thought I’ll identify myself this time, so no one else is blamed for whatever is being said in this blog post. Just kidding… this post is going to involve some references to me personally, that’s all. 

First of all, many thanks for the most wonderful feedback in regards to our new website! We’re glad you liked it. For most of you, the site seemed to be clear, easy to navigate and informative. I guess anything other than the green ‘under construction’ screen would do it, huh?

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