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custom web design and development in Los Angeles

Custom Web Design & Development

Here in the U.S., we call it custom web design and development. Our partners overseas call it bespoke web development, which, of course, sounds odd and pretentious, but who said web developers and marketers are the most humble folk anyway?

Whatever you choose to call this type of work, it always means the same to you, our customer: we don’t use templates or anything pre-made or pre-built. When we say ‘custom’, we mean a website that has been built from scratch to fit the nature and needs of your business.

A true custom website features:

  1. Unique web design created just for you;
  2. Code that has been written in a unique way; your website not only looks original but does exactly what you wanted it to do.

How is this different from a website that is developed utilizing templates?

There are several major advantages of custom web design and development. 

  1. Unique feel and look

    We take design seriously. We listen to you. We learn everything we can about your brand. We guide you and provide genuine suggestions in case you’re not sure what’s possible. Since there are no constraints of a template, designing from scratch allows us to create a truly unique website that is a continuation and embodiment of your brand. A template-based website, no matter how well designed, is still a cookie-cutter website that’s being sold to multiple companies and installed with a limited number of tweaks. 
  2. Better user experience

    A custom website is designed around your brand with specific purposes in mind. Whether your goal is to inform, engage, wow, sell or capture leads, we take all of it into account when building a custom website. Better user experience will result in happier customers and more conversions for you, the owner of a business or a service. 
  3. More leads and more opportunities

    Before contacting a business, potential customers tend to shop around. This includes visiting online review platforms and websites of similar businesses. If your website is unique and provides a good user experience, you are more likely to get the call or email and an opportunity to earn their business. Whether you’re a lawyer, a dentist, a Realtor or a yoga teacher, at the end of the day, you want a potential client to remember your brand. Try this for yourself: visit your own website and then 5 of your competitors’ websites; be honest with yourself--which website will stay in your mind? 
  4. Security

    If your website is built using an open-source publishing platform like Wordpress or Joomla, it’s more vulnerable to hackers. It’s not like these platforms are unsafe; it’s simply a matter of convenience for hackers. In addition to the core platform, the platforms offer convenient plugins, which are also prone to being hacked. For your typical run-of-the-mill hacker, it’s a lot easier to inject malicious code using an open-source platform or a plugin than spend days trying to figure out how a custom website is built. If you truly care about the security of your web assets, custom is definitely the way to go. 
  5. Stability and maintenance

    Since we have built every piece of a custom website, we know (and have access to) every single bit of the code. This makes troubleshooting a breeze, in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when templates and plugins developed by third parties are used, we won’t have control or access to the very foundation of the website. If developers of those applications decide to make an update, some parts of your website may crash and it may take days or even weeks to restore it. Sometimes developers of templates or plugins simply abandon them (stop making updates and discontinue support). This also can affect the performance of your website or even prevent it from functioning altogether.