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Winberry custom business management platform for multi level marketing companies

Winberry: Custom Business Management Platform for Network Marketing Operations

Oct 20, 2013

Intelligent Clout is excited to announce the launch of our newest project: Winberry.

Over the past few years, we had a chance to work with several bold and creative clients. They understood the importance of both the innovative sales model and reliable custom-built software. They provided the seeds of ideas; we—unapologetically—used some serious genetic engineering, then planted the seeds, watered them, and watched them bear some very profitable fruits.

Winberry is a business management platform. It can be customized to power up any network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM) or hybrid marketing operation. It’s free of redundant/junk features and can be fully integrated to work seamlessly with a client’s branding.

If your organization depends on a network of salespeople; if you pay residuals and commissions and need accurate reports, if you’re serious about your brand integration with your business management platform, you ought to see the Winberry demo.