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Custom website and application for Los Angeles Consular Corps LACC

Custom Non-Profit Website That Has It All

May 08, 2014

Working in the space of custom web design and development is rewarding in many ways. One of such undeniable rewards is the fact that every project is truly new and exciting. Having said that, it’s a great pleasure to announce a launch of something we haven’t done in a while; a website for a non-profit organization.

Our client this time wasn’t just any non-profit. It’s Los Angeles Consular Corps (LACC), a non-profit organization representative of the over 100 consulates located in City of Los Angeles, California! By the way, here’s a fun fact for you: of 193 UN member nations, 97 are represented in Los Angeles.

Our task was to completely re-design the website, as well as create a custom Content Management System (CMS).

In terms of design, LACC requested "contemporary, appropriate for a non-profit organization, albeit more edgy and bolder than the current design.”

As far as functionality is concerned, it’s important to note that since the organization is not selling any products or recruiting new members, they didn’t need any opt-in mechanisms or other lead generation tools. This makes this project even more unique.

The elite nature of this organization dictated many aspects of web development. For instance, the Events page contains two types of events: public and private. All upcoming events are private and visible to registered members only, however, past events, including photos, are accessible to the general public.

Now, once the new website is launched, we’re confident that we have delivered. It’s a dream website for a solid non-profit. It truly has it all: custom design, user-friendly layout, innovative directory page with integrated Google Maps, and secure, completely customized, administrator panel.

Previously LACC used CMS Made Simple, an open-source CMS, and were not happy with its performance. LACC Secretary, who acted as their web administrator, reported numerous stability issues, unnecessarily limitations, and bland, generic design. 

Our proprietary CMS works flawlessly and is fully integrated with LACC’s custom design. The administrator can manage all members with ease, while each member has the ability to control their accounts based on permission levels.

In addition, the administrator has access to Direct Mailing tool, also custom-developed for LACC. This tool allows the administrator to send email notifications and monthly newsletters with one click.

The entire experience of working with LACC was an adventure to us; a very rewarding one too! We learned a lot about all the wonderful countries whose representatives live and work in the great city of Los Angeles, not to mention we got to meet many distinguished diplomats from all over the world.

You can see more screenshots of the website by visiting our Portfolio page or simply go to www.laconsularcorps.com.